on Star Trek: Beyond (with spoilers)

Star Trek: Beyond finally delivers¬†both a good sci-fi action movie and a good Star Trek movie. And it’s an odd-numbered one! Truly, we live in interesting times.

on The Force Awakens (major spoilers)

I want to discuss the entire movie, but I also recognize (and seriously appreciate) the internet’s commitment to avoiding discussing spoilers. I won’t be the one to ruin that, so all my spoilerriffic comments are below this cut.

on The Force Awakens (no spoilers)

It is a good movie. It is, most importantly, definitely a Star Wars movie, and a downright fun one at that. It feels like the original trilogy, (the only trilogy, as my wife would say, and now that we have better Star Wars to look forward to I don’t feel any need to perpetuate any…

on “The Martian” (with spoilers)

Yes, it’s The Martian, the latest great hope of science fiction, after a decade that’s given us a few high-concept contenders for classic sci-fi. Based on a novel by Andy Weir that I read faster than anything I’ve read recently, it’s basically a fictional descendent of Apollo 13: A mission in space gone horribly wrong,…

on Interstellar and Internal Consistency (spoilers!)

A fair warning: There are spoilers within.¬† Read at your own discretion. Christopher Nolan’s interstellar is out this week, and us regular astronomers are finally getting to see what critics have been gushing about and calling “the most scientifically accurate movie ever” (ok, not those words, but if you’re reading this at some point in…