on the Most Distant Object in the Solar System

A few weeks ago, astronomers discovered what is being called the “Most distant object in the Solar System”. It’s another dwarf planet, a small body like Pluto, out in the vast outer reaches of the solar system, but it tells a more interesting story than Pluto.

It’s the Same Sky Everywhere

One of the most remarkable things about astronomy is that it’s all the same sky, everywhere. The night sky you see is the same night sky that the most massive telescopes in the world see. For instance, here’s a picture of Jupiter I took with my DSLR in my apartment. This is a product of…

on the Kissing Stars

Let’s talk about the Kissing Stars, a very massive binary system in the Large Magellanic Clouds that’s going to do SOMEthing exciting soon. Well, “soon” as in a couple hundred thousand years; this IS astronomy we’re talking about.

concerning the Impossible Space Drive

Sources like IFLscience (the real one, not the parody) and Slashdot are reporting that NASA has successfully tested their impossible space drive again. That’s incredibly misleading: Yes, the test was successful, but the engine itself isn’t. They already know it doesn’t work. They’re trying to figure out HOW it doesn’t work.

On the Impending Asteroid Impact

I’m primarily a stellar astronomer, but if you look back at my previous blog posts you’ll notice I spent a lot of time talking about stuff within the Solar System. Partly that’s because it’s been a really great couple of years for space exploration, full of gorgeous images and fascinating science, partly because it’s the…