Astronomy on Tap

One of the great things I’ve been able to do in New York City is take part in Astronomy on Tap, a public lecture/happy hour series organized by Emily Rice (CUNY-CSI), Summer Ash (Columbia), Brian Levine (AMNH), and their less-mild-mannered alter egos. Astronomy on Tap takes place in bars in Manhattan and Brooklyn and consists of a series of short beginner-level talks (usually four) on topics we think are of interest to the community, interspersed with trivia, prizes, and the chance to win fabulous (really!) prizes. The NYC series isn’t the only Astronomy on Tap area, and it isn’t even the original, but it’s a very active one. There are a whole lot of related events, including COSMOS viewings with a scientist (recently, an historian), public nights at the Intrepid Museum (with the Space Shuttle Enterprise), and they keep adding things.

I recently gave one of their quick talks on the Death Star I wrote about back in January. Unfortunately, it wasn’t recorded, which I think is a shame. I’ve therefore re-recorded it for posterity and the internet, and I think I’ve captured the general idea with all its glorious flubbed lines, if not exactly the energy… (performing live is so much better).



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