The Cake-R diagram

Seeing as my GF and I are into cake-pops, for my best friend’s PhD defense we made a whole bunch of them into… the Cake-R Diagram!

That’s right, Cake.


The attentive eye will notice the pops come in three sizes- small, medium, and huge.  I have many replacements to refill the diagram with (we made two whole cakes) except for the yellow supergiant, because… well, there aren’t many yellow supergiants.

The folks at Michael’s Crafts are seriously making a lot of money off us now.  That’s where the bags, ties, meltable candy coating and foam-core came from (hence why I only bought one of the oddly-proportioned foam slabs.

What are we going to do for MY defense?  Honestly, I don’t know.  That was my one good idea…  I’ll probably be too busy defending, anyway.

Oh, we also made this (because my friend studies luminous blue variables like Eta Carina):

The Eta Carinae Cakeball!

Eta Carina cakeball

You’ve got the lobes, and a cakeball at the center holding it together.


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